Our Services


  • Equine rehabilitation, training and layup services:

Palmyra offers top quality rehabilitation, training and layup care for our Hunter/Jumper, Eventing and Dressage sport horses in the tranquil venue of Southern Pines, NC.  We are located with direct access to 3,000 acres of open land of trails comprised of multiple types of footing and terrain.  We have the benefit of getting horses healthy strong and fit without the monotony of being in a ring every day.  Horses needing down time, but that can’t lose fitness can tack walk along our extensive hill routes.  While conditioning horses to get back in the ring we have every terrain and footing to work on including miles of trails for fitness building.  Our rehabilitation programs are not just spent in tight circles in a ring, horses have programs tailor-made for them depending on the reasons while stabled in our yard.  The amount of time each horse spends at our farm is determined by the need of our equine partners and owners our services include: show maintenance, young horse training, transition training, injury/rehabilitation services, as well as extended stay layup services.

We run a very detail specific operation, making sure that all horses in our care are looked after with top show standards.  Our barn manager lives on the farm connected to the stable, so we have constant access to horses 24/7.  We offer a multitude of therapy options, which we utilize on a daily basis within each horse’s specific program.  Our services including daily riding & training, theraplate treatments, magnetic and massage blanket therapy, footpad and laser therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture treatments.

We are highly focused on preventative and manageable therapies and fully believe in the team that we have combined to manage our horse’s health and well-being.  We focus on full body health and wellness, this includes specific training and feed needs, with the goal of returning to you the healthiest equine partner that is ready for the ring and the challenges of the showing environment.

Pricing, upon request

  • Full service board
    • Vet, farrier, additional therapists and additional supplements/medication(s) are billed separately
  • Full service rehabilitation board
    • Vet, farrier, additional therapists and additional supplements/medication(s) are billed separately
  • Local showing service for horses in training, transition or rehabilitation are available based on the assessments, program and progress of each individual horse.
  • Evaluation of new horses accessing the status of new clients horses
    • This includes an in depth assessment of the horses physical and mental health including a well-balanced plan for rehabilitation or training needs
  • Included in all stays is a monthly assessments/update of horses.
Available for your review upon request are our following forms:
  • Ethical and Legal Standards & Policy’s
  • Terms of Service Agreement
  • Medication reporting
  • New horse fact sheet
  • Release, Waiver & Indemnity Agreements
  • Training and Boarding Agreement
  • Mutual CDA (for those clients wishing for confidentiality)

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  • Lessons:

Hillary is available for both private and group lessons as well as clinics and consultations.  Palmyra focuses it’s lesson plans on the fundamentals of riding, teaching our riders how to ride their horses and how to enjoy their sport with their equine partners.  At Palmyra we teach all ages and all skill levels.  Our focus may be in the jumper ring, but our experience in the hunter and equitation rings allow us to offer a full range of lesson plans and services.

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  • Training:

Palmyra offers a broad range of training, boarding and consulting services.  We are available to meet clients and their horses on the road (horse shows, clinics & lessons) or offer our clients full board and training services located within our facilities and under our personalized care.

Featured Horses

"Denis" is a 9yr. old TB gelding. See him in his first ever Grand Prix and Grand Prix win at the Jump for the Children Horse Show.