Arkansas wins 2012 USEF/Rood & Riddle Thoroughbred Horse in Sports Rookie-of-the-year Award!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Arkansas was awarded with the 2012 USEF/Rood & Riddle Thoroughbred Horses in Sport Rookie-of-the-year Award in the jumper discipline!!!

Arkansas was honored with the award during the 2012 Silver Stirrup Awards at the USEF convention in Louisville, KY.  We would like to extend a special thank you to Howard Simpson for accepting this award on behalf of the entire Palmyra family.

We would also like to thank our owners and supporters of Palmyra Partners, LLC, as we could not have achieved this without them.  Their continued support and belief in our horses, program and passion has given us the opportunity to find, develop and show such a wonderful partner and friend as Arkansas, a.k.a “Denis”.

We would also like to thank Alex Riddle of Rood and Riddle and the USEF for honoring the development and time it takes in finding and working with horses that find themselves in their second careers.

Additionally, we would like to thank everyone on the Palmyra Partners team especially Arkansas for being such a wonderful competitor, friend and partner.  The challenges of getting to the ring could not be done without the work and support of Kit Miller, Craig Bark, Janus Marquis, Holly Osman, and Denise Jones.

We are delighted to be featured in an article by Jen Roytz of Three Chimneys, it can be viewed at the link below or on our website.  Three Chimneys has a wonderful history of over 40 years in the Thoroughbred business and we are exciited to be working with them as we continue to develop successful careers for Thoroughbreds in both the Hunter and Jumper arena.

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