Champion Ponies Compete In American Horse Shows Association Pony Finals

Champion Ponies Compete In American Horse Shows Association Pony Finals
Katy Monk
Aug. 29, 1986
The best of the best came out on top in the American Horse Shows Association Hunter Pony Competition and Pony Equitation Finals, held August 11-12 at Commonwealth Park, Culpeper, Va.

In the Hunter Pony Competition, Hillary Schlusemeyer of Ocala, Fla., and her small pony, Glenmore Hearts of Fire, outmodeled, outshowed, and outjumped 156 of the winningest ponies in the nation.

“And I’m only 7 years old,” said Hillary in a tone that indicated the third grader ranked her victory as a feat of no greater magnitude than, say, packing her own lunch box.

If such was the case, then Commonwealth Park and the competition sponsor, Miller’s Saddlery, failed to get through to Hillary in the awards ceremony. As a tribute to the pair’s triumph as both small pony and overall champion, the host and sponsor loaded the 50-pound rider with five ribbons, two gold medals, two silver trays, two bouquets, a pony-sized Crosby saddle and a complete Tri-Umph riding outfit, with a custom-designed cooler and hunt cap to follow.

Hillary lasted through the awards cere-mony with laudable patience, occasionally conversing with her mother, Christina, who stood in the ring with the horse show officials.

“Mom, I think we should keep these flowers in water,” said Hillary at one point.

Christina assured her daughter that she would get a vase.

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